Grand in scale, yet stylish down to the tiniest detail, each of our three exceptional ships-- Queen Mary 3, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth--is a world unto herself. Oases of discovery and relaxation, our majestic Queens are the perfect setting from which to explore new destinations, or old favorites.

There's something rather distinctive about the service on board a Cunard ship. You'll recognize it from the very first greeting when you embark.


It's combination of courtesy and confidence that says you're in the hands of a very professional crew, made up of individuals who take great pride in making your stay on board unforgettable.


You'll hear it in the way your stateroom steward greets you by name and remembers details about your trip.

You'll see it in your waiter's impeccable attention to detail. You'll feel it in the way you relax the second you step on board.


We believe that great service is warm and sincere. It isn't stuffy. It isn't hurried. It's always friendly, but never over familiar. Great service takes its lead from you.


At Cunard, we call it White Star Service because it's a shining example of how things should be done.

+   Sail in luxury on a grand scale with the

     most celebrated ships in the world


 Experience the elegance of illustrious

    British traditions, and the storied legacy of

    royalty, celebrity and history

+   Partake in the award-winning Cunard

     Insights enrichment program, where

     celebrities and experts share their



+   Savor world-class international cuisine in

     unique venues


+   Delight in Cunard's legendary, distinctive,

     White Star Service

+   Enjoy a curated selection of onboard

     entertainment, including the highest

     caliber theater, music, and dancing, plus

     nightly special events.


+   Embark on unforgettable sailings to

     global destinations


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